The ComputerEase Inventory Control App: Your Go-To Inventory Management Tool

ComputerEase Inventory Control AppOne of the biggest headaches for a construction firm, large or small, is inventory control. Too much inventory and you have money tied up in your warehouse, but when your materials fall short, it can delay projects for days.

The way you manage inventory affects every aspect of your business – productivity, job costing, cash-on-hand and more. In today’s fast-moving construction world with slim profit margins, contractors understand the value of inventory management; however, keeping tabs on your inventory can be particularly difficult if you have several jobs under construction simultaneously.

Barcode readers have always been an attractive tool for inventory control because of their potential to improve productivity by:

  • Counting items
  • Tracking movement of materials between locations
  • Identifying shortages before they cause delays
  • Providing your management team with timely job costing data

However, there have been some difficult obstacles to overcome.

For starters, the software used to manage inventory is almost always separate from existing systems contractors have in place. This meant that in order to utilize this technology, you had to maintain separate systems for inventory management, barcode scanning and accounting/ job costing.

The scanners themselves have tended to be rather bulky, which makes the guys in the field reluctant to carry and keep track of them. Because of this, materials sometimes aren’t scanned as they should be when the barcode reader is left in the truck.

Inventory AdjustmentIntroducing the ComputerEase Inventory Control App

We at ComputerEase know the pains that traditional barcode systems have caused, which is why we recently developed an Inventory Control App for Contractors. This easy-to-use app turns your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) into a barcode reader, and it is fully integrated with the Inventory Management Module. This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

How It Works

Once you tag your material with easy-to-generate barcodes, keeping track of your inventory becomes much more efficient – because everyone carries their smartphone with them these days. When you transfer your inventory, just use your mobile device to scan the code, punch in the quantity and indicate where the item(s) are coming from and going to. The app will automatically send this information back to ComputerEase so that your entire team knows instantaneously where your inventory stands.

No more duplicate systems. No more lost inventory. No more bulky scanner to remember. Just one easy-to-use mobile app. A tighter control on inventory means less waste and more profit.

Learn more about the ComputerEase Inventory Control App.

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