Team Mara Update: After the Walk

Team Mara WalksLast month, we wrote about Team Mara: a group led by our own Peggy Layton in support of her daughter, Mara, and the Cincinnatus Foundation for Research and Education on Turner Syndrome. Team Mara was collecting donations and participating in the annual Cincinnati Walks for Kids charity event.

Thanks to a broad range of generous support — including anyone who purchased a ComputerEase add-on in September — we’re happy to announce that Team Mara exceeded their fundraising goal by over $1,000, collecting¬†over $6,000 for the Cincinnatus Foundation! We’re proud to have taken part in supporting such a good cause, and we’re especially proud that members of the ComputerEase staff participated in the event!

If you’d like to learn more about Turner Syndrome and what can be done to help those affected by it, visit the Turner Syndrome Society.

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