ComputerEase Introduces New Rewards Program

New program thanks ComputerEase customers and partners for their loyalty by offering a generous $500 reward for each qualified referral that turns into a client

CINCINNATI, Ohio — February 9, 2012: ComputerEase Software, Inc., a leading provider of construction accounting, project management and mobile field-to-office software, has introduced a formalized referral program that rewards its customers and partners for recommending ComputerEase. The new program provides a very generous ‘thank you’ for a qualified referral that becomes a new ComputerEase client by rewarding the referring individual with a $500 Visa gift card.

ComputerEase users have never needed an incentive to recommend their construction accounting software to friends and colleagues; over 50 percent of the software development firm’s sales come from customer referrals. To reward that loyalty, ComputerEase developed a more structured system for tracking referrals and extended the program beyond its customer base to include industry partners, such as CPAs, bonding agents and construction consultants, former ComputerEase users and virtually anyone who knows a growing construction business that would benefit from ComputerEase construction software.

While many referral rewards programs offer company-level incentives like product discounts or maintenance fee credits, the ComputerEase program is designed to reward a specific person with a premium payout. When a qualified referral results in a sale, ComputerEase will award the $500 gift card to the individual who made the original recommendation.

“Regular referrals from loyal customers and industry partners have always been our strongest source for new business,” said ComputerEase President, John Meibers. “Our rewards program provides a more concrete way to demonstrate our appreciation and say thank you for recommending ComputerEase.”

To simplify the referral process and accurately track rewards, ComputerEase has created a dedicated Web page that makes it easy to participate in the program. To qualify for a potential reward, referrals must be made using the short form at Interested individuals can also visit this site to learn more about the ComputerEase rewards program and read the terms and conditions.

About ComputerEase
Founded in 1983, ComputerEase develops integrated construction accounting and project management software that helps contractors solve problems and increase profits. The scalable, modular structure of ComputerEase makes it the ideal fit for companies of all sizes and specialties. In addition to accounting and job costing, ComputerEase offers robust equipment, purchasing, service and electronic document management solutions. ComputerEase takes great pride in providing a matchless level of customer support. To accomplish this, the company has put industry professionals in key positions: 100% of the ComputerEase support, training and implementation staff has construction experience. More than 6,000 contractors across the U.S. use ComputerEase to streamline their operations and increase profits.

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