Partnership provides a turn-key solution for accepting electronic payments


ComputerEase Software, Inc., has formalized a partnership with Infintech, a Cincinnati-based company supplying a high quality service for accepting electronic payments. The partnership is designed to give ComputerEase software users the lowest possible rates available from the major credit card companies and offer simple and easy set-up.

The Torch Award places Infintech in an elite class of businesses

Infintech was recently awarded the 2014 Torch Award in Marketplace Ethics by the Better Business Bureau. This elite award is given for their fresh look at credit card processing, offering education and transparency to businesses. Infintech aims to help demystify credit card acceptance by educating businesses on payment methods, costs and security.

To learn more about Infintech, you can visit them on the web or directly contact Jamie Schenk.

Walking for a Good Cause

Cincinnati Walks for KidsTeam Members from ComputerEase Software will be spending this Saturday, September 27th, at the Cincinnati Zoo. But it’s not for the animals. This time, the animals are taking a side stage to a good cause.

We’re participating in Cincinnati Walks for Kids 2014. Our chosen charity is The Cincinnatus Foundation for Research and Education on Turner Syndrome. Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality that occurs in women that can cause serious health problems like congenital heart disease, hypothyroidism, diabetes and more.

One of the youngest members of the ComputerEase family (she just turned one!) was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at birth. Now, we’re banding together as “Team Mara” to raise awareness and support research so that we can give her a bright future.

All support is welcome, from well-wishes to donations. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do it on the Cincinnati Walks for Kids website.

Thank you for your support!

ComputerEase Releases FieldEase 2.0

FieldEase 2.0FieldEase users know how valuable it is to have an application that connects the field to the office. In the construction industry, time sheets, daily job logs and service work orders can easily get lost in the shuffle if you can’t handle them on the spot, no matter where you are. Our solution to that problem was FieldEase, the remote field-to-office management application that gives you access to your reports, forms and more anywhere you are, through any device with a web browser.

FieldEase 2.0 MenuNow, we’re happy to announce that FieldEase has taken a big step forward. With the recent release of FieldEase 2.0, we’ve rewritten the entire program from the ground up. Version 2.0 is fully optimized for mobile platforms with a sleek new user interface for iPads, tablets, smart phones and more. All the features are now much easier to access, much easier to use, and much faster.

600% FasterIn fact, FieldEase 2.0 boasts a 600% increase in processing speed. Less time waiting for actions to process means more time getting your jobs where they need to me. That means more jobs done on time and under budget. That means more profits.

We’re proud of the upgrades we’ve made in FieldEase 2.0, and we’re excited to share them with our customers and our new users. To find out more, request a live demo and we’ll get in touch to show you all the functions and features of the new FieldEase.

CRMs: Generating More Leads, Sales and Happy Customers for Contractors

HandshakeWho doesn’t want to generate more leads, close more sales and create an environment of happy customers? We all do! Because the life-cycle of any given project can be drawn out over months or years, your goal should be to build solid relationships with your customers. When you keep your customers happy, you can keep projects flowing with repeat business. This is where a CRM comes into play.

What is a CRM?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to take charge of customer relationships in an organized way. A CRM is a robust database system that enables businesses to organize and automate sales, marketing, customer service and support processes.

There are many ways to manage customer relationships. An Excel spreadsheet is a very simplistic version of a CRM, and perhaps when you first started your business, this is what you used to track customers through the sales process.

But in today’s complicated and competitive environment, contractors need to be highly tuned into their prospects and customers’ needs to generate more leads, win more jobs and yes, keep them happy.

While many construction executives recognize the power behind a CRM system, it has been difficult to find one that actually fits construction-specific needs. Search for “Construction CRM” on Google, and you’ll get dozens (or more) CRM possibilities. But now there is a better way.

Introducing the ComputerEase CRM Module

CRM for ContractorsConstruction management teams no longer have to try to make off-the-shelf CRM solutions work “well enough” for their needs. We recently introduced the ComputerEase CRM module. This is a fully-integrated CRM system that allows you to track, manage and nurture your prospects from the first contact to when they accept your bid … and beyond.

What is unique to our CRM module is that it combines all the features you would expect from a robust CRM system into our existing construction accounting software package. Since the CRM is part of ComputerEase, the double-entry problem is completely eliminated. Once you secure a job, ComputerEase will move the data from the CRM to the rest of the system, including points of contact and any relevant job information.

ComputerEase gives you a deeper picture of estimating, job costing, work-in-progress and other key information you need to make business decisions with confidence. You can also strategically choose to share some of this data with your customers, so they, too, can plan to complete future projects with more efficiency and profitability. This is value that you can offer that many other contractors wouldn’t think to provide, and over time you become an indispensable partner for future construction projects.

This CRM module is truly designed specifically for what construction firms need to generate more leads, sell more jobs and keep their customers happy. Learn more about the ComputerEase CRM module.

Watch Our New ComputerEase Video

We’ve been hard at work for the last few weeks on a brand new introduction video for ComputerEase. We went to several of our customers’ job sites and offices, working with them to provide an overview of what ComputerEase Construction Software is all about. In 2013, ComputerEase will celebrate 30 years of construction software development and innovation. The new video highlights our humble beginning three decades ago and reveals the core principles that have led to our continued success, specifically our innovation, experience and collaboration with our customers.

We’re thrilled with the result, and we invite everyone to check it out.

ComputerEase Named Finalist for Greater Cincinnati’s Best Places to Work Award!

The Business Courier has honored ComputerEase as a finalist in the Greater Cincinnati Best Places to Work Award for 2012.

When this company was founded almost 30 years ago, one of our number one priorities was to show appreciation to the people that make our great products and services possible. We’re very grateful to have that dedication recognized by an institution like the Cincinnati Business Courier. We’re looking forward to future years and future employees as we continue making ComputerEase one of the Best Places to Work.

New Webinar: “7 Tips to Keep Your Premiums from Skyrocketing”

Last year, we had the privilege of hosting a webinar alongside Matt Mauller, Vice President of Neace Lukens Insurance Agency. At the time, we were in what he called a “soft market” for insurance. Premiums were low, and he told us how to take advantage of the market by either renegotiating with our brokers our kicking them to the curb and finding a new one. You can recap that information by viewing our previous webinars. Since that time, the insurance market has taken a hard turn. Premiums are going up, and it’s making life tougher for contractors. Luckily, Matt Mauller is coming back this year to co-host another webinar, “7 Tips to Keep Your Premiums from Skyrocketing.” Matt will tell us about the current market, how we got there, and what you can do to prevent your premiums from following the upward trend.

This webinar is a must-see for contractors, and it’s absolutely FREE. Space is limited, so be sure to register today!

ComputerEase’s Peggy Layton named Vice President of NAWICC

NAWIC LogoWe want to congratulate our very own Peggy Layton for being elected Vice President of the National Association of Women in Construction Cincinnati (NAWICC). ComputerEase is a longtime partner and sponsor of NAWICC, and this news can only serve to strengthen the bond between our organizations.

NAWIC was founded in 1953 as a support network for women working in the construction industry. The Cincinnati chapter has been a proud part of that network since 1962. They have over 60 members including project managers, accountants, lawyers, and project administrators. You couldn’t ask for a more capable VP than Peggy, our Director of Operations. We look forward to seeing what advances NAWICC makes after this decision.

CFMA Golf Outing

CFMA LogoWe had a great time yesterday at the annual CFMA Golf Outing, held at beautiful Walden Ponds in Cincinnati. ComputerEase has been the major sponsor of this event for several years, and we love going every year. We saw some good friends and customers on the course, and met some new people that we look forward to working with. Our team did fairly well – we ended up in a tie for second place, shooting twelve under. There’s no prize for the runner-up, though. We’d like to congratulate the winners, including Jeff Babiak from Von Lehman and Company, one of our CPA Partners.