Press Release: ComputerEase Software Partners with Strategic HR

SHR_Logo TransparentCINCINNATI, Ohio, August 4, 2017: ComputerEase Software, Inc. and Strategic HR have partnered to provide around-the-clock human resource support to over 6,000 ComputerEase customers across the country.

ComputerEase Software, Inc. is the leading provider of accounting, project management and remote field-to-office software to the construction industry. It provides intuitive, easy-to-use tools for construction-oriented companies. ComputerEase has a nationwide network of clients that includes firms in the fields of general contracting, plumbing, excavating, remodeling, heavy highway construction, HVAC and electrical work.

“Strategic HR’s partnership with ComputerEase means that these business owners can instantly obtain access 24/7 to everything they need to run their human resources function—forms, policies, toolkits, and templates —by using our Virtual HR Library,” says Strategic HR, Inc. President Robin Throckmorton.  “They can also utilize our Virtual HR Coach and consult with our company’s experts when they have questions about handling employee issues.”

“ComputerEase has resources for accounting, project management, IT and payroll administration for our network of business owners, but the missing component was HR,” says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase. “Strategic HR, Inc.’s Virtual HR Library is the comprehensive tool we’ve been seeking. It’s accessible at all hours for professionals who are often away from the office for long lengths of time. All they need to do is use their smart phone to conduct HR business.  Also, by offering it to so many of our customers, they can obtain it at a 33% discount. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Strategic HR, Inc. will introduce the program through webinars for the ComputerEase network of businesses this summer.

For additional information on the Virtual HR Library contact Strategic HR, Inc. at (513) 697-9855.

Strategic HR, Inc. is an award-winning, Cincinnati-based firm nationally-recognized for delivering a full spectrum of HR services across all industries since 1995. The firm carefully reviews a company’s strategy and works to ensure that the overall HR approach and each of its components are carefully aligned. This includes recruitment of top talent; comprehensive training and development of employees; competitive benefits and compensation; effective employee communications and employee relations; careful record keeping; and attention to health, safety and security issues. 

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