ComputerEase Software Announces Integration with Procore

ComputerEase adds easy connection between its robust accounting system and Procore’s powerful project management features, creating a peerless, full-service suite.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 6, 2018: ComputerEase Software, the leader in construction accounting software, today announced a new integration solution with Procore Technologies’ cloud-based project management suite. This new solution completely eliminates the need to manually enter data into multiple systems, seamlessly connecting the superior functions of the two programs.

Procore’s project management solution gives contractors an easy way to track and manage all of their jobs, boosting productivity through better documentation and constant communication. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards, Procore helps contractors keep apprised of all their relevant project information. ComputerEase does the same for a contractor’s accounting data, giving high level overviews of each job’s profitability that can be drilled down to the smallest detail. As a fully-integrated software solution, ComputerEase can give contractors all the solutions they need – now including ProCore’s shared data – in one simple location.

The new interface brings an unprecedented level of control to contractors’ fingertips. “This partnership is a no-brainer for us,” says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase Software. “As we move more and more toward a fully-integrated, mobile solution to give our users all the features they need and deserve, Procore’s cloud-based technology will provide a valuable edge.”

ComputerEase users who also use Procore’s system will now be able to seamlessly integrate their accounting and project management data. “The advantage is on both ends,” Meiber notes. “That high-level overview that our customers love is now transferable to Procore, and the same is true in reverse. It’s a simple solution on its face, but it’s going to save a lot of contractors a lot of time and money.


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