ComputerEase Releases FieldEase 2.0

FieldEase 2.0FieldEase users know how valuable it is to have an application that connects the field to the office. In the construction industry, time sheets, daily job logs and service work orders can easily get lost in the shuffle if you can’t handle them on the spot, no matter where you are. Our solution to that problem was FieldEase, the remote field-to-office management application that gives you access to your reports, forms and more anywhere you are, through any device with a web browser.

FieldEase 2.0 MenuNow, we’re happy to announce that FieldEase has taken a big step forward. With the recent release of FieldEase 2.0, we’ve rewritten the entire program from the ground up. Version 2.0 is fully optimized for mobile platforms with a sleek new user interface for iPads, tablets, smart phones and more. All the features are now much easier to access, much easier to use, and much faster.

600% FasterIn fact, FieldEase 2.0 boasts a 600% increase in processing speed. Less time waiting for actions to process means more time getting your jobs where they need to me. That means more jobs done on time and under budget. That means more profits.

We’re proud of the upgrades we’ve made in FieldEase 2.0, and we’re excited to share them with our customers and our new users. To find out more, request a live demo and we’ll get in touch to show you all the functions and features of the new FieldEase.

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