How to Choose the Right CPA for your Construction Company

How to Choose the Right CPA for your Construction Company

By Kathe Barrington
Owner at Kathe Barrington, CPA

Construction accounting, just like the job itself, is complex. Many contractors have benefited greatly by retaining a construction Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to help manage the financial complexities of their businesses, but choosing the right one can be challenging. The unique accounting requirements of construction means not all CPAs can provide the same level of support. Evaluating multiple CPAs can seem overwhelming especially if you’re not an expert on the subject matter. How do you start looking for a construction CPA? What qualifying questions should you ask? Which CPA referrals can you trust? With over 20 years of experience as a construction-focused CPA and longtime partner to Deltek + ComputerEase, here are suggestions on how to effectively choose the right CPA for your business:
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Navigating Deltek’s Acquisition of ComputerEase

Navigating Deltek’s Acquisition of ComputerEaseBy: John Meibers
Vice President & General Management, Deltek + ComputerEase

In August, Deltek announced it was acquiring ComputerEase to provide current and future customers a powerful construction management solution. As the industry standard and leader in construction management and accounting solutions for contractors of all sizes, Deltek + ComputerEase provides a powerful portfolio of solutions for architecture, engineering and construction firms.

Deltek is dedicated to powering project success in the AEC industry, serving as a catalyst for digital transformation and market leadership for project-based solutions for 36 years. This acquisition is about more than software; it’s taking a good thing and making it even better. The family that started ComputerEase did a great job getting the product to where it is today. But to best serve their customers, ComputerEase needed to take their innovation further, with additional resources such as developers, designers and engineers. Trending technologies, such as GPS, sophisticated integrations and IoT were unreachable for ComputerEase, but now with Deltek, they can. Continue reading

The Deltek + ComputerEase Story

Construction Site - Deltek + ComputerEase Construction SoftwareBy John Meibers

By now you’ve heard the news that Deltek has acquired ComputerEase. I know you may have some questions, so I would like to share why I am so excited and energized by this change. This acquisition is a strategic step forward for ComputerEase, for Deltek, and for our current and future customers. We carefully selected a home that preserves the values at the heart of this business so that we could offer the same ComputerEase products that our customers know, but with greater functionality and more rapid development and deeper support. Continue reading

6 Things Construction Companies Should be Doing in Accounting

In the construction industry, cash flow is king! It is a daily responsibility for any contracting company. Profit margins are always razor-thin in this industry, which means you need to do everything you can to increase your production and maximize profits. That means projecting job costs, identifying problem areas before they arise, running labor analysis, and constantly measuring productivity. Here are a few tips that will help. Continue reading

Why Contractors Need Construction-Specific Accounting Software

The ability to deliver quality work in your trade doesn’t guarantee your business will profit. You could be the best carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. in the entire world, but still go out of business if you aren’t managing your jobs properly. So many excellent contractors miss this very point, which is why construction businesses have such a low survival rate. Continue reading

Get Control of Your Business with Committed Costs

As the owner of a construction company, the success of the company is on your shoulders. You need to lead the construction team, work with clients, seek out new business, and manage money. With the right tools you can manage it all and succeed, but only if you have the information you need. Continue reading

WIP or Get Whipped: Turning a Report into Contractor Success

An accurate and timely Work in Progress (WIP) report is an essential tool for running a business. A contractor will often create a WIP report out of an obligation to the bonding agent. Perhaps the bank requires one. When these contractors aren’t using that data to manage the business, they are throwing away money with every job. Continue reading

What is Job Costing for Contractors and Construction Companies?

The success or failure of any construction job is based on profit. Profit margins are razor-thin in construction. Job costing helps you project job expenses to identify problems before they impact profit. Can work be completed with the money and budget available? What are the risk factors on the job? What do you need to do to be successful? Continue reading