Job Costing Case Study: JMC Mechanical


The Problem

Before turning to ComputerEase construction accounting software, JMC Mechanical used Quickbooks for managing their business.

JMC Mechanical was growing and starting to work with larger clients. Their larger customers demanded more visibility and billing capability than Quickbooks offered.

Project Managers and Management at JMC Mechanical needed Job Cost reports, which Quickbooks couldn’t provide, to better manage costs and work. After purchasing Quickbooks and working with a consultant that specialized in Quickbooks, JMC Mechanical still didn’t have the visibility and functionality they needed.

Why Construction Companies Need Job Costing

Job costing is the key to managing construction budgets and identifying if a job will be profitable. It simplifies the complexity of managing a contracting job. This is especially true when a construction business works on larger and/or longer-duration jobs. There is simply more to manage and track. Or in other words, there is a higher likelihood that a business can lose money on a particular job.

According to Lisa at JMC, “Job costing is not something Quickbooks is capable of, even in their contractor version… it just wasn’t cutting it.”

The need for job costing was not going away. In fact, the need only grew as the company grew. Therefore, Lisa at JMC Mechanical was tasked to explore, vet, and select a new business management solution that met their specific needs. After several months of assessing construction-specific products, JMC Mechanical chose ComputerEase as their business management solution.

How ComputerEase Made a Difference

ComputerEase offers job costing software as part of the base system. When you invest in ComputerEase, you’re ensuring that you’ll always have an easy way to track your job costs, whether it’s through work-in-progress reporting, labor analysis, projected costs, unit production, or all of the above.

Since implementing ComputerEase, JMC Mechanical now had the ability to:

  • Estimate jobs accurately and quickly: Without job costing, estimates are a best guess. With other bidders competing for the same work, many contractors end up underbidding. Without quick and easy access to historical records, mistakes are made that end up hurting the job and business. Job costing puts the data at your fingertips, so you can estimate jobs accurately and quickly.
  • Manage profit for every job: Job costing gives you control of the money you make for every job. You see how much a job is costing. There’s no more stress, worry, or guesswork in managing a job, because expenses are broken down accurately. You can see how you need to manage work to maximize profit. “It’s been very helpful… for several reasons,” explained Lisa. “One is, being able to track costs and track where we are on a job. If it’s starting to go south, we know that by making changes we can save the job before things go to the point of no return.” Armed with critical information, the team could solve problems before it was too late.
  • Work better with customers and vendors: Over estimating and under estimating can lead to project delays, lost profit, and broken budgets. This causes stress between you, your customers, and vendors. Job costing eliminates that stress. You can better collaborate and deliver more value to customers. That means future work and business for your company.

Looking Ahead with ComputerEase

Job Costing reports and ComputerEase have helped support JMC Mechanicals rapid growth. It has been an instrumental tool in supporting large projects and customers. The system improves cash flow and gives managers the visibility they need to keep jobs on track and profitable.

If you are a company facing similar growing pains as JMC Mechanical, we recommend you consider learning more about ComputerEase and how you can more effectively and more comfortably run your business.

ComputerEase Software Announces Integration with Procore

ComputerEase adds easy connection between its robust accounting system and Procore’s powerful project management features, creating a peerless, full-service suite.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 6, 2018: ComputerEase Software, the leader in construction accounting software, today announced a new integration solution with Procore Technologies’ cloud-based project management suite. This new solution completely eliminates the need to manually enter data into multiple systems, seamlessly connecting the superior functions of the two programs.

Procore’s project management solution gives contractors an easy way to track and manage all of their jobs, boosting productivity through better documentation and constant communication. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards, Procore helps contractors keep apprised of all their relevant project information. ComputerEase does the same for a contractor’s accounting data, giving high level overviews of each job’s profitability that can be drilled down to the smallest detail. As a fully-integrated software solution, ComputerEase can give contractors all the solutions they need – now including ProCore’s shared data – in one simple location.

The new interface brings an unprecedented level of control to contractors’ fingertips. “This partnership is a no-brainer for us,” says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase Software. “As we move more and more toward a fully-integrated, mobile solution to give our users all the features they need and deserve, Procore’s cloud-based technology will provide a valuable edge.”

ComputerEase users who also use Procore’s system will now be able to seamlessly integrate their accounting and project management data. “The advantage is on both ends,” Meiber notes. “That high-level overview that our customers love is now transferable to Procore, and the same is true in reverse. It’s a simple solution on its face, but it’s going to save a lot of contractors a lot of time and money.


ComputerEase Launches New Expense Tracking App

CINCINNATI, OH, December 12th – ComputerEase, the leading provider of accounting software for the construction industry, announces the release of a new mobile app for tracking expenses from the field. The new app, called ExpenseEase, is available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

ExpenseEase integrates seamlessly with the ComputerEase construction accounting software. Once submitted, expense records appear automatically in the flagship software; resulting in accurate and timely job cost reporting. This functionality makes using ExpenseEase with ComputerEase faster and more efficient than any third-party expense tracking apps.

ExpenseEase allows users to enter expenses from the field on any iOS or Android device, including tablets and smartphones. Once entered, the user can then attach a photo of the corresponding receipt, and submit expenses instantly where they are stored securely within their ComputerEase system to be reviewed for payment.

“Our clients drive our product development and over the past couple of years we’ve had a tremendous number of requests for a mobile expense tracking solution. We are very excited to announce this addition to our flagship product. ExpenseEase simplifies the expense recording process and, best of all, keeps job cost reporting more accurate and more up-to-date,” says ComputerEase president John Meibers. “That, combined with the compatibility and integration with ComputerEase will save our clients time and money.”

Founded in 1983, ComputerEase develops integrated construction accounting, project management and field-to-office solutions that help contractors solve problems and increase profits. The scalability of ComputerEase makes it the ideal fit for construction companies of all sizes and trades. More than 6,000 contractors nationwide trust ComputerEase to work for their business.

ComputerEase Software Expands Decades-Long Partnership with ProEst

ComputeProEst Estimating LogorEase expands integration with ProEst to include its new web-based estimation software, providing a more streamlined, user-friendly process to customers of both firms.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, August 21, 2017: ComputerEase Software, Inc., the leader in construction accounting software, today announced the expansion of their long-standing partnership with ProEst. The new integration solution from ComputerEase and ProEst will dramatically simplify the estimation and job creation process for customers of both companies.

ProEst, one of the leading providers of construction estimation software, has recently announced their newest estimation tool, ProEst Cloud. ProEst Cloud is a complete web-based estimating platform for the construction industry. Users can import leads, generate a detailed cost estimate, perform digital takeoffs and create professional sales proposals from anywhere. The new integration between ProEst and ComputerEase allows users to instantly import a job to ComputerEase once it has been awarded.

“We’re very excited to build on our 20+ year relationship with ProEst with this new product,” says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase. “Our new state-of-the-art seamless integration will significantly enhance the experience of both our customers and ProEst’s customers.”

The new integration is available now to current customers of ComputerEase and ProEst.

Since 1976, ProEst has helped over 8,000 of the world’s most prominent construction companies streamline and improve their estimating processes. They continue to live up to their reputation for reliable and expert innovations with the ongoing development of their ProEst estimating and on-screen takeoff software.

Press Release: ComputerEase Software Partners with Strategic HR

SHR_Logo TransparentCINCINNATI, Ohio, August 4, 2017: ComputerEase Software, Inc. and Strategic HR have partnered to provide around-the-clock human resource support to over 6,000 ComputerEase customers across the country.

ComputerEase Software, Inc. is the leading provider of accounting, project management and remote field-to-office software to the construction industry. It provides intuitive, easy-to-use tools for construction-oriented companies. ComputerEase has a nationwide network of clients that includes firms in the fields of general contracting, plumbing, excavating, remodeling, heavy highway construction, HVAC and electrical work.

“Strategic HR’s partnership with ComputerEase means that these business owners can instantly obtain access 24/7 to everything they need to run their human resources function—forms, policies, toolkits, and templates —by using our Virtual HR Library,” says Strategic HR, Inc. President Robin Throckmorton.  “They can also utilize our Virtual HR Coach and consult with our company’s experts when they have questions about handling employee issues.”

“ComputerEase has resources for accounting, project management, IT and payroll administration for our network of business owners, but the missing component was HR,” says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase. “Strategic HR, Inc.’s Virtual HR Library is the comprehensive tool we’ve been seeking. It’s accessible at all hours for professionals who are often away from the office for long lengths of time. All they need to do is use their smart phone to conduct HR business.  Also, by offering it to so many of our customers, they can obtain it at a 33% discount. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Strategic HR, Inc. will introduce the program through webinars for the ComputerEase network of businesses this summer.

For additional information on the Virtual HR Library contact Strategic HR, Inc. at (513) 697-9855.

Strategic HR, Inc. is an award-winning, Cincinnati-based firm nationally-recognized for delivering a full spectrum of HR services across all industries since 1995. The firm carefully reviews a company’s strategy and works to ensure that the overall HR approach and each of its components are carefully aligned. This includes recruitment of top talent; comprehensive training and development of employees; competitive benefits and compensation; effective employee communications and employee relations; careful record keeping; and attention to health, safety and security issues. 

ComputerEase Software Announces Integration with On Center

on-center-logoComputerEase Software proudly announces a new, improved partnership with On Center’s construction automation management and estimating software. The new integration will give ComputerEase users easy access to On Center Software’s Quick Bid feature so that they can instantly import job budget files into ComputerEase, creating a seamless transition from bidding to job costing.

The custom integration between ComputerEase and On Center will bring a wealth of new features to mutual clients. “We’re thrilled to be working with On Center,” says John Meibers, President of ComputerEase Software. “Their automation and estimating solutions offer incredible value to our customers, and this integration makes it easier than ever for our customers to realize that value.”

For both companies, this new partnership represents a bold step forward in promoting improved construction practices. “Construction technology is too often under-utilized,” says Meibers, “Part of our mission is to expand awareness of the powerful tools out there that many contractors don’t even know exist.” Integrating with best-in-class solutions like On Center will go a long way toward furthering that mission.

The new integration will be available for ComputerEase and On Center users by the end of the Summer.

ComputerEase Software Approved as CPE Sponsor by NASBA

CPE CertificateComputerEase announced today that it has been approved as an official sponsor on the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy’s (NASBA) National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

This new sponsorship approval means that ComputerEase will be able to offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits to attendees at their regular Educational Webinars, particularly those aimed at Construction CPAs.

“We’ve always focused very heavily on education in the construction accounting field,” says ComputerEase President John Meibers. “It’s such a unique niche in the accounting industry, and this is the latest step toward making it easier for those involved.”

The NASBA has stringent standards on the companies that can be listed on their Registry. The process lasted for several weeks and included an audit of one of the classes to be offered. Meeting these standards means that ComputerEase is prepared to offer construction-focused CPAs the highest quality of continuing education credits, ensuring that their trade knowledge remains relevant.

“Our CPA Partners have often requested CPE credits as a benefit to the program,” Meibers continued, referring to ComputerEase’s free partnership program that provides CPAs with a free copy of ComputerEase Software to help them coordinate with clients and ensure that they’re on the same page. “With this additional value, we feel confident that even more CPAs will join our growing network.”

Meibers noted that CPA Partners will have access to the ComputerEase customer portal, where video recordings of each webinar will be archived and available for re-watching.

Click here to learn more about the ComputerEase CPA Partner Program.

Reporting in from the AICPA Conference

IMG_0206We’re on the ground in Las Vegas, where ComputerEase is the Gold Sponsor of AICPA’s annual Construction and Real Estate Conference. We take our CPA Partnerships very seriously, as they may be the single best avenue we have for making our clients’ work easier. If you’re a CPA with clients who use ComputerEase and are at AICPA, be sure to stop by our booth!

Otherwise, make sure you check out our CPA Program for yourself on our website!

The conference has been terrific so far; we’re building valuable partnerships that will benefit countless contractors!

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Team Mara Update: After the Walk

Team Mara WalksLast month, we wrote about Team Mara: a group led by our own Peggy Layton in support of her daughter, Mara, and the Cincinnatus Foundation for Research and Education on Turner Syndrome. Team Mara was collecting donations and participating in the annual Cincinnati Walks for Kids charity event.

Thanks to a broad range of generous support — including anyone who purchased a ComputerEase add-on in September — we’re happy to announce that Team Mara exceeded their fundraising goal by over $1,000, collecting over $6,000 for the Cincinnatus Foundation! We’re proud to have taken part in supporting such a good cause, and we’re especially proud that members of the ComputerEase staff participated in the event!

If you’d like to learn more about Turner Syndrome and what can be done to help those affected by it, visit the Turner Syndrome Society.

Support Team Mara in the Walk for Kids!

Mara LaytonOne of the youngest members of the ComputerEase family, Mara Layton, was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome when her mother, Director of Operations Peggy Layton, was 20 weeks pregnant. Turner Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality that occurs in women that can cause serious health problems like congenital heart disease, hypothyroidism, diabetes and more.

Mara is now three years old, overcoming every expectation, and benefiting from excellent treatment at the Turners Syndrome Clinic in Cincinnati. Her bright smile and joyful attitude inspires everyone at ComputerEase, and every year we come together to support the Cincinnatus Foundation for Research and Education on Turner Syndrome at the local Cincinnati Walks for Kids event. The Cincinnatus foundation uses funds raised at this event to support research and education for the Turner Syndrome Clinic.

This year, we want to aim high. Team Mara’s goal for fund raising is $5,000. We believe that we can exceed that. From now until the Walk, we’ll be donating a portion of our profits to Team Mara!

Visit Team Mara’s page to learn more. To find out more about Turner Syndrome, you can visit the Turner Syndrome Society’s website.