Building Partnerships with AICPA

ComputerEaAICPA 2016se is a major sponsor of the AICPA’s annual Real Estate and Construction Industry Conference in Las Vegas, NV next week! John Meibers, President of ComputerEase, will be attending and hosting an educational session entitled “WIP or Get Whipped: Why Accurate, Timely Work-in-Progress Reporting is Essential to Contractor Clients.”

In previous years, similar speaking sessions have proven to be among the most popular at the conference. In addition to the class, John will be meeting with various CPAs who work with the construction industry to discuss our CPA Partnership Program, which gives CPAs all the resources they need for a fluid, dynamic working relationship with their ComputerEase Clients.

Also on the agenda will be letting CPAs know about our popular Building for Growth Program. This program has been in place for several years now and offers small and startup contractors a deeply discounted introductory version of ComputerEase’s award-winning accounting and job costing program. Supporting small businesses and encouraging growth is a win-win all around, and ComputerEase is proud to continue promoting this terrific program.

If you plan to attend AICPA in Las Vegas, make sure you stop by the ComputerEase booth to learn more! Otherwise, visit our website to find out how CPAs and ComputerEase can work together for the benefit of our mutual clients.

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