CE Payroll Services Gains an Identity!

CE PAYROLL Logo Name Tag

We are proud to announce the launch of the CE Payroll Services logo and tagline.

Since the beginning of the year, ComputerEase has been going through some exciting updates in an effort to keep pace with our ever-advancing company. The next phase was giving an identity to CE Payroll Services and with the help of the marketing team, they now have a modern, sleek new look. The new logo and tagline portray a professional and contemporary service that offers a simplified process with expert results.


New Hires at ComputerEase

New Hires at ComputerEase

New hire group photo 010915

From left to right: Jacob Clark, Peter Carreno, Jim Wessel, Chris Pelfrey, Jackie Kraemer, & Christy Louis

In the last few months, there have been some impressive additions to the ComputerEase team! These new employees will bring energy and support to our already well-rounded, knowledgeable team. As always, we are here to support you and are too happy to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am proud to introduce our new Marketing dynamic duo, Jacob and Jackie!

Jacob Clark- Jacob brings 4 years of business consulting, graphics, and media production experience to his role in the Marketing department at ComputerEase. His fine attention to detail and superb communication skills makes him an intricate part of the team. As a seasoned marketing professional, Jacob will bring exciting, new ideas in hopes to continue spreading the word about ComputerEase.

Jackie Kraemer- As another member of the Marketing department with 3.5 years of professional experience, Jackie brings creativity and a strong personable approach to customer relations. She prides herself in designing excellent marketing collateral, while interacting with customers in a positive and helpful manner.  She came to us from Turner Construction Company where she gained extensive construction knowledge. As a Marketing Specialist at Turner, she successfully grasped marketing in the construction industry and is now excited to share her strengths with the ComputerEase team.

In addition to our new marketing team we have had a number of other additions.

Peter Carreno- Peter has over 10 years of selling, training, and installing ComputerEase software working for one of our regional dealers.  With his impeccable dealer experience, he truly understands the sales process which has been instrumental to our local team.

Christy Louis- With 5 months at ComputerEase and 2.5 years of administrative experience, Christy has already made her mark as a valuable team member. Her strong ability to multi-task, but always keeping the customer as priority #1 has been invaluable.

Chris Pelfrey- Chris has come to ComputerEase from PNC Bank with a successful 8 years of experience in management and sales. His crucial role at ComputerEase brings management and business knowledge to help make our payroll service successful and profitable. Chris is ready to tackle this new payroll venture with charisma and confidence, while focusing on offering a high level of satisfaction to our customers.

Jim Wessel- As a truly accomplished team member, Jim brings 9 years of experience working with the ComputerEase software and 27 years of construction industry experience.  He plays a vital role in helping new customers set-up and learn the software. With his outstanding qualifications, Jim successfully guides the customer through their implementation of the ComputerEase software program.

Please welcome our new employees to the ComputerEase team!